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How Noga Pools saw a 9,860% Return on Ad Spend in just 4 months running a
strategic Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Ad campaign!

Monthly Ad Spend-$1,000.00


NOGA Pool and Spa inc, had humble beginnings, and  had grown into a name synonymous with quality craftsmanship and unwavering dedication. It all began with Yossi & Sabrina Almany, a young married couple with a vision. 

Their passion for providing for their children ran deep in their veins, and in 2005, their dedication for providing for their family turned into a full blown pool construction business. 

With  the drive to provide for their children, Yossi & Sabrina  founded the company that would become the heart and soul of their family. However, the early days were not without their struggles. They often worked long hours, pouring his sweat and soul into every project they took on. 

Their children, Natanel, Ori, Gaddy, and David grew up amidst visits to city hall pulling permits to watching the excitement of shotcrete happen in front of their eyes. Learning the trade, the values of hard work, and integrity from their parents. As they grew older, they too became an integral part of the family business, each bringing their unique talents to the table.

As the years rolled on, NOGA gained a reputation for excellence. They built and remodeled pools for home owners, developers, and hotels, each structure a testament to their commitment to quality. In the 2017, under Natanel’s (second oldest son) leadership, the company embraced technological advances, incorporating CAD software and modern construction techniques to stay ahead of the curve.

As Natanel spearheaded the business and had illustrated his abilities and dedication, Yossi & Sabrina felt the family legacy was in safe hands.  This new reality, granted them the opportunity to travel & relax, with a sense of pride, knowing their hard work and dedication had laid the foundation for a bright future.

Under Natanel’s leadership, the family business, NOGA, has continued to thrive.

Key Metrics


of estimates written over 4 months came through Meta (Facebook & Instagram)


Return on Ad Spend in the first 4 months


Pools sold totaling $394,400 In sales in 4 months

Why Did they hire Bold Pro Digital?

Natanel from Noga Pools came to us in the middle of May 2023 looking to expand his family business. The company has been around since 2005 and has steadily relied and referrals and word of mouth business. Although business was great, Netanel knew that if he was going to expand he would have to incorporate a marketing strategy into the business. After doing some research, we decided our Meta ads system made the most sense for Noga’s goals. After only 3 weeks of running ads Noga sold their first pool project and has since been selling 1 or more pools per month with an average price point of $78,880.00.

Needless to say, at a $1,000.00 per month ad spend plus a $1,200.00 per month ads management and consulting fee, Noga has seen an incredible return on investment. After speaking with Netanel on our last weekly call, he has notifed us that there are still multiple contracts in his pipeline totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. We cannot be happier for Noga’s continued success and we know this is only the beginning for this amazing family business.