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About Bold Pro Digital

About Us

Bold Pro Digital is a Los Angeles based boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in online reputation management and digital marketing services for residential home service businesses.

Whether you’re looking to improve your image online or scale your business by generating more leads, we will collaborate with you to meet and exceed your business goals.

About Bold Pro Digital

Our Founder

Roy Shachaf is no stranger to the home service industry. After moving to Los Angeles in 2010 he began his career in general remodeling and solar sales. Shortly after in 2013 he founded his own solar company that he eventually sold his share of to his business partner to pursue his passion of selling high end real estate. He went on to work in Beverly Hills for 3 years where he did exceptionally well and sold over 40 million dollars in homes with no prior experience. He eventually went on to join his family business that specializes in Exterior design and Remodeling. After 13 years of being on the business side of various home based services, Roy developed a new found passion serving businesses and helping maximize their branding and marketing potential. It’s this desire to bring Home service businesses into the digital age that inspired Roy to open Bold Pro Digital.

Seeing so many professionals struggle to come up with the right marketing strategy to fit the current landscape of the industry inspired me to start Bold Pro Digital. I feel I have a ton of value to contribute and I am honored to have the opportunity to help impact the image and growth of your business

Roy Shachaf